pondělí 22. dubna 2013

Solid Developers Sprint, take 2

The past couple of days have been very hectic, not only for me but also for all the KDE hackers who call themselves gearheads. When Àlex Fiestas first suggested we should do the next Solid in Red Hat offices in Brno, Czech Republic, I immediately liked the idea. Organizing the sprint was not an easy task, from arranging the meeting rooms, people, getting accommodation for the participants but it was very well worth it. Four days of almost non-stop hacking, several brainstorm sessions, use case discussions is already bringing its fruits. We also came up with several interesting GSoc ideas for other people to tackle.

Here's the rough outline of projects and topics that have been touched (topics with names inside brackets are already being worked on); I hope the others will blog about their respective projects in detail later as well:

General topics

  • bugzilla cleanup and triage (Alex)
  • discussions about a better website with a brand new logo (Alex)
  • systemd integration (everyone, everywhere ;)
  • unit testing
Discussions on the roof :)

Power management

  • more reliable brightness handling (Dario, Alex, Lukáš)
  • hybrid suspend support (Lukáš, Dario)
  • screen locker (Dario, Oliver)
  • better modes definition (on AC, on Battery, on Low Battery) (Alex)
  • specific testing app (solid-power) similar to solid-hardware/kscreen-console (Alex)
Alex and Dario


  • support for various XRandr versions (Alex, Dan)
  • xcb port
  • new GUI (Dan)
  • unit testing
  • saving/creating modes


  • cross platform (Patrick)
  • Network Status
  • cleanups, deprecations; Solid::Control finally killed ;) (Alex)
  • solid-partitioner review (Dario, Lukáš, Alex)


Jan and yours truly, with great help from Lamarque, have progressed a lot with the new Network Management QML applet, I'll save this for another blogpost :)

Jan and Lamarque

The full list of topics is quite exhaustive, if you are curious, you can find it here: http://community.kde.org/Solid/Meetings/Forge2

Final words

Cast and crew: Martin Bříza (systemd, kscreen, sddm), Àlex Fiestas (everything), Dario Freddi (powerdevil), Jan Grulich (plasma-nm), Oliver Henshaw (powerdevil, systemd), Patrick Spendrin (windows), Lamarque Souza (networkmanagement) with Joseph Wenninger (advisor) and Luigi Toscano (guide) - thanks for participating and making this a very productive event. Big thanks goes to Red Hat for letting this happen and last but not least, the whole KDE for having such a great community and sponsoring the travel and accommodation expenses.