pátek 28. června 2013

This month (June) in Red Hat KDE

So what kept us[1] busy while working on KDE in Red Hat this month?


  • VNC fixes (mbriza, dvratil) 
  • KScreen 1.0.0 release (dvratil)

KDE PIM, Telepathy

  • finally solved all regressions from Akonadi batch notifications (dvratil)
  • implemented file monitoring in icaldir and vcarddir resources (dvratil)
  • digged into KIMAP Session crash/endless loop (dvratil)
  • LibKGAPI 2.0.1 release (dvratil)
  • added support for yet another incompatible Microsoft timezone format (dvratil)

Plasma NM

  • ported advanced permissions widgets (jgrulich) 
  • added L2TP and OpenSwan VPN plugins (jgrulich) 
  • added secrets migration from the previous NM applet (jgrulich) 
  • mostly editor fixes and improvements focused to VPN plugins (jgrulich) 
  • started working on network active settings (jgrulich) 
  • initial port of libmm-qt to MM 0.8 spec (ltinkl) 
  • make connections searchable in the editor (ltinkl) 
  • memory leak fixes (ltinkl) 
  • ported the connection editor to XML GUI (ltinkl) 
  • use KAcceleratorManager to automatically assign accels (ltinkl) 
  • wifi settings validation (ltinkl) 
  • added OpenConnect and PPTP VPN plugins (ltinkl) 

Display Managers

  • #975079 - multiseat KDM support (mbriza) 
  • #857366 - Inconsistency in TTYs opened with new sessions (mbriza) 
  • #966095 - Console login does not work (mbriza) 

General KDE fixes

  • #921735: bad permissions after dragging from trash directly w/o restore (ltinkl, mbriza) 
  • #857002 - Reproducible segfault with Umbrello (mbriza) 
  • #886237 - kde-settings, 6.5 fast errata, disable Java by default (than) 
  • #882895 - KDE Crash when switching activity of 2 desktops from activity applet (than) 
  • #974069 - doxygen, hangs in a infinity loop (than) 
  • #974202 - ctags, corrupted filenames in tags file (than) 
  • #969590 - kde-plasma-akonadi-contacts: icon conflict with skype (jgrulich) 
  • #970690 - Nunito font in private directory (jgrulich) 
  • kdebz#310166: Up/Down keys should not move to the left view when on the first/last position (ltinkl) 

[1] Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl), Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

You can find us on #fedora-kde channel on Freenode IRC