pátek 28. února 2014

Last month (February) in Red Hat KDE

Another part in the series "what's happening in the KDE world in Red Hat", enjoy :)

Network management (jgrulich, ltinkl)

  • kdebz#330454 - Upload / Download graph uses wrong color labels 
  • kdebz#331138 - bigger font size settings are not handled properly by the applet layout 
  • kdebz#331423 - No icon for wifi + openconnect vpn in plasma-nm 

KDE PIM (dvratil)

  • finished server-search and Baloo search integration 
  • implemented support for Tags 
  • fixed problems with database deadlocks 

Display managers (mbriza)

  • #1063856 - KDM won't display users list. 
    • Investigated, reassigned to the proper component 
  • #1063851 - kdm won't accept keyboard input 
  • #1055432 - KDM hangs at reboot or shutdown. 
    • Still investigating too, a race condition somewhere, attempts at fixing failed so far 

Continued development of the new Qt authentication library
  • The C++ API is slowly crystallizing to its final form 
  • Worked on exporting it to QML 
  • Writing a basic QML authentication app to test everything 
Developed a SDDM branch against QAuth (above)


  • took over libaccounts-glib and libaccounts-qt packages from jreznik and updated to latest upstream (dvratil) 
  • packaged sign-on (dvratil) 
  • #879328 - kdbg can't open any executable (ltinkl) 
  • #1068956 - KShutdown 3.2 released; fixes regressions (jgrulich) 
  • #1063378 - kde-plasma-nm base package should not require ModemManager (jgrulich) 


  • kgpg and kwin bugfixes 
  • #1070140 - kdm removal 
  • #1066078 - unable to lock Gnome when using KDM instead of GDM 
  • #1055717 - acpid fails to build on RHEL7 for non-x86 arch 
  • #1050919 - incorrect perl-expressions matching unicode symbols 
  • #1050916 - malformed output when coloring is on and grep -P has unicode input 
  • #1061697 - [RFE] Add libreswan integration to kde-plasma-networkmanagement 
  • #1005216 - ortp: hard-coded user name and password 
  • #1005261 - ortp: uses /tmp for UNIX domain socket 
  • #1005218 - ortp: missing length check in stunEncodeMessage() 
  • #1005219 - ortp: missing sign and overflow checks in buffer management functions 
  • #1061819 - KDE NM applet doesn't show to what wireless network is connected 
  • #1067111 - Adding second panel on second monitor places panel on top 


  • attended FOSDEM 
  • talked to MariaDB people about optimizing configuration for Akonadi 
  • Akademy planning meeting with the rest of the team 
  • Arranging accomodation for Akademy 
  • devconf.cz

Brought to you by: Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl) and Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

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pondělí 10. února 2014

Last month (January) in Red Hat KDE

Straight back from the tremendous devconf.cz, here's the regular update of what's going on in Red Hat and KDE. Let's have a look how we spent the last month.

Network management (plasma-nm | libnm-qt | libmm-qt)
: jgrulich, ltinkl

plasma-nm | libnm-qt | libmm-qt

  • libnm-qt 
    • added new properties/methods from NM 
  • libmm-qt 
    • implemented (new) Oma MM interface 

#329315 - IPv6 privacy extensions should be enabled per default for new connections
#329355 - Bridge connection is active although the plasmoid icons represent it as inactive
#329342 - Network manager forgets the 802.1x settings as soon as the dialog box is closed
#329288 - Crash involving the authorization prompt
#329545 - Applet icon does not scale horizontally when embedded in a panel
#329630 - Password field always empty for the openvpn connection
#329827 - Make notifications disappear after some time

#328985 - A shared wifi network cannot be restarted after being turned off
#329580 - VPN connection asks for too many passwords
#329871 - The VPN (vpnc) connection editor dialog has no Domain field

: dvratil

  • finished rewrite of Akonadi search functionality and Baloo support 
  • removed MySQL Embedded support from Akonadi 
  • fixed BKO #330010 - Broken .desktop files parser in Akonadi 
  • fixed BKO #330215 - Crash on Akonadi shutdown when using PostgreSQL 
  • fixed BKO #324932 - Can't rename folders on some IMAP servers 

: dvratil

  • created patch for RHBZ#1036568 - RHEL6 - KWin does not move windows from a disconnected screen (backported upstream patches) 
  • fixed RHBZ#1056251 - KScreen allows to active more displays than supported by GPU (upstreamed) 

Fedora updates