úterý 2. září 2014

July and August in Red Hat KDE

After summer vacations I'm back with reporting on exciting things happening in the KDE world at Red Hat. Everybody has been super busy with preparations for this year's meeting of KDE contributors conference -- Akademy -- which our team is co-organizing; nevertheless the number of topics tackled didn't decrease, quite the contrary.

Akademy 2014, Brno, Czech Republic
Red Hat, Akademy 2014 Silver sponsor

Bullets below marked with either KF5 or P5 suggest we're are busy working on KDE Frameworks and Plasma 5 ;) Want to try out Plasma 5 on Fedora? Instructions in this Daniel Vrátil's blog post.


  • updated KDE Frameworks 5 packages to 5.1.0
  • updated Plasma 5 COPR to 5.0.1
  • kde-plasma-nm - update to
  • kdevelop - 4.7.0


  • finished GStreamer 1.0 port of phonon-gstreamer, fixed couple bugs there
  • KF5: frameworkized Akonadi
  • KF5: fix "Get hot new stuff" downloads, fix custom sound files in knotifications
  • P5: improved lock screen and Plasma 5 Digital Clock applet
  • P5: mix porting fixes
  • P5: date/time/zone fixes (kcm, dataengine, clock applets)
  • P5: i18n fixes across all modules
  • P5: powermanagement fixes (dataengine, powerdevil)
  • P5: ported and re-enabled solid-actions-kcm
  • revived KIO GDrive, rewrote most of the code and almost finished it
  • kdebz#1129909 - Dialog window for type password doesn't displays
  • kdebz#1133233 - (not protected AND new) wireless connection are shown as protected
  • kdebz#337956 - Unable to import PCF files
  • kdebz#338124 - plasma-nm- fails to build (openvpn.h:46:22: error: 'QTextStream' has not been declared)
  • kdebz#338146 - Percent sign mistakenly appended to connection IDs
  • kdebz#337958 - NetworkManager does not stores group passwords in KWallet
  • kdebz#338156 - plasma-nm does not save settings anymore
  • kdebz#338513 - NM applet significantly delays KDE logon


  • lots of vacation for everyone
  • dvratil attended KDE Randa Meetings 2014 (10.8. - 15.8.)
  • Akademy planning, attending

Brought to you by: Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl) and Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

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