pondělí 2. června 2014

Last month (May) in Red Hat KDE

Here's a list of activities and bugs fixed the KDE team has been working on the past month.

KDE PIM (dvratil)


  • wrote infrastructure for unit-testing Akonadi handlers and unit-tests for some handlers 
  • implemented direct payload streaming (performance optimization) 
  • improved PostgreSQL support 
  • optimized database on Btrfs 

KScreen (dvratil)

  • finished the new UI for KScreen KCM and merged to master 

Network Management (jgrulich, ltinkl)

* plasma-nm - some improvements in KF5/PlasmaNext version

  • #335419 - Unnecessarily big spacing when a network asks for the password 
  • #334249 - Network Management Settings does not resize the widgets correctly 
  • #334394 - Icon doesn't change when the theme changes 
  • #334980 - No scrollbar is shown even though the networks don't fit in the applet 
  • #334668 - the networking applet does not store passwords and does not start the connection process 
  • #334786 - After click on apply, the password info of my new connection is lost. Every time that field returns to the blank status 
  • #335388 - Module 'org.kde.plasma.networkmanagement' does not contain a module identifier directive - it cannot be protected from external registrations. 
  • #335325 - In plasma next session I cannot connect to my wireless access points, they are listed but connect doesn't do anything
  • #334481 - cant enable wifi
  • #330127 - Better support for SSID with more AP 
  • #327070 - After network disconnection network management shows connected but only shows connect selection 

Display Management (mbriza)

  • QAuth released in version 0.1.1 
    • New release containing various bugfixes 
    • Another release underway with more fixes 
    • Started working on starting X server in the user session 
  • SDDM 
    • Became the upstream maintainer - got commit access 
    • Continued development against QAuth 
    • Rewritten the configuration parser, opened a pull request 
    • Issue and pull request resolving - the project is very alive nowadays 


  • rhbz#1049135 - Connections not displayed correctly 
  • rhbz#1072109 - Signal strength being not consistently reported for two APs with same SSID, different BSSID 
  • rhbz#1018395 - Network Management doesn't show connection traffix 
  • rhbz#1061819 - KDE NM applet doesn't show to what wireless network is connected 

Brought to you by: Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl) and Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

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