pátek 3. října 2014

September in Red Hat KDE

Here's a list of activities and bugs fixed the KDE team has been working on the past month.


  • updated KDE Frameworks 5 to 5.2.0 
  • updated Plasma 5 Copr to 5.0.1 
  • imported KF5 to F20 
  • started working on smarter script for automated builds of KF5 in Copr 
  • KDE Telepathy 0.9 (beta) 
  • Clementine 1.2.3 (bz#1127940, bz#1098742, bz#1135725, bz#1139414) 

Red Hat

  • rhbz#1055432 - KDM hangs at reboot or shutdown 
  • CVE-2014-5033 polkit-qt: insecure calling of polkit 
  • rhbz#1123491 -[HP HPS 6.6 Bug] grub causes exception and reset when booting without VGA 
  • rhbz#1141907 -libsrtp needs patch for aarch64 and possibly endian detection for ppc64 
  • rhbz#1077498 -/usr/bin/sapconf: line 473: [: ==: unary operator expected when invalid hostname is set 
  • rhbz#1123920 - KVM not mentioned in manpage 
  • rhbz#1136457 - xsession should be named kde-plasma.desktop and kde-plasma- safe.desktop


  • Akademy (6. - 12.9.) - the annual KDE summit in Brno 
  • KF5 porting in PIM 
  • fixed KF5 port of KScreen 
  • fix URL porting errors (file saving) in KSnapshot, ark and okular (P5) 
  • overall desktop switch to Breeze theme fixes (kcminput, krdb, fi plugin - P5) 
  • Solid2/Power API additions (KF5) 
  • KAnalytics - KDE system "spyware" framework (backend work, lib, kded module) 
  • fixed timezone parsing in tz dataengine (P5) 
  • kdebz#338513 - NM applet significantly delays KDE logon 
  • kdebz#333752 - plasma-nm applet constantly uses 2% cpu and generates 25 wakeup events/s 
  • kdebz#339223 - Infinite loop due to KWallet usage 
  • kdebz#338697 - No notifications after upgrade 
  • kdebz#339065 - Constant cpu use while connected to wifi 

Brought to you by: Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl) and Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

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