středa 11. září 2013

First Plasma NM release

It is with great pleasure we're announcing today the first release of our project - Plasma NM As you've probably heard before, it's a brand new Plasma applet written QML/C++ to manage your network connections. This applet is meant as a drop-in replacement for the older widget-based networkmanagement applet.

For an overview of what motivated us to basically start from scratch on this applet as well as occasional progress statuses, please see Jan's blog.

A picture, even better a video, is worth a thousand words they say, so here it is :)

The initial email has been sent a few moments ago to the @kde-packager mailing list, so you can expect Plasma NM to land in your favorite distro's update channels anytime soon. Fedora[1], among others (Kubuntu, openSUSE), already contains a preview snapshot of the applet, with the update to the final version in the works.

Alternatively, you can grab those 3 tarballs and compile by yourself:


[1] $ yum install kde-plasma-nm

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