sobota 2. listopadu 2013

This month (October) in Red Hat KDE

I'm back with the regular update of what's going on in Red Hat and KDE. Let's have a look how we spent the last month.

Akonadi (dvratil)

  • released 1.10.3
  • worked on IDLE extension for Akonadi protocol 

KDE PIM (dvratil)

  • small improvements in Akonadi Console 
  • fixed Akonadi-based unit tests across KDE PIM 
  • fixed email filtering when not using disconnected IMAP (KDE#295051) 
  • fixed problem with duplicated names in Google Calendars (KDE#325778) 
  • fixed error when IMAP server does not support METADATA or ANNOTATE (KDE#325778) 
  • fixed 'Invalid Uidset' error when sending emails (KDE#323762, KDE#324807, KDE#314964) 
  • fixed crash when authenticating new account in LibKGAPI (KDE#324128) 

KScreen (dvratil)

  • implemented new KCM UI based on results of usability research 
  • implemented support for profiles 

KDE Telepathy (dvratil)

  • fixed KTp Approver incoming tube notification 
  • fixed crash in LogViewer 

Display managers (mbriza)

  • more work on the authenticator - split it to be a separate binary to comply with PAM/Audit stack in Fedora and to support set_loginuid module 
  • finished basic XDMCP server/manager support - upstream merge request was opened 
  • my theme was merged into Fedora as now being used as the default one 

kdelibs, kde-workspace (ltinkl)

  • ported Solid/UPower backend to incompatible UPower 0.99.0 
  • Powerdevil port in progress 

Plasma NM (jgrulich, ltinkl)

  • make plasma-nm compilable without libmm-qt 
  • ModemManager 1.0 support (in plasma-nm and libmm-qt) 
  • new release - plasma-nm, libnm-qt 
  • kdebz#325783 - plasma-nm doesn't install icon network-defaultroute, which is need by kde-nm-connection-editor.desktop - RESOLVED → FIXED 
  • kdebz#319197 - plasma-nm: Make modemmanager support optional - RESOLVED → FIXED 
  • kdebz#325495 - Plasma-nm branch mm1port causes a plasma-crash upon inserting a GSM USB stick - RESOLVED → FIXED 
  • kdebz#326060 - applet does not refresh after disconnecting from a shared wifi connection - RESOLVESD → FIXED 
  • kdebz#326164 - The icon doesn't correctly show the vpn status - RESOLVED → FIXED (and probably ~5 duplicates of this bug) 
  • kdebz#319198 - plasma-nm applet: auto-resize popup height to show full connection details without scrolling - RESOLVED → FIXED 
  • kdebz#325324 - Crash on upgrade from networkmanagement to plasma-nm - RESOLVED → WONTFIX 
  • kdebz#325421 - Plasma-nm doesn't connect automatically on KDE (Kubuntu 13.10) startup - RESOLVED → WONTFIX 
  • kdebz#326456 - Need scrollbar or expanding window - RESOLVED → FIXED 
  • kdebz#326274 - Newly created shared wireless network cannot be seen if disconnected once - RESOLVED → FIXED 
  • kdebz#326517 - connection editor should not be in menu -> FIXED 
  • kdebz#326632 - "Always Ask" and "Store" option in "Edit Connection" dialog seems swapped -> FIXED 
  • kdebz#326374 - Allow adding a Bridge without adding a connection to it - FIXED 

[1] Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl), Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

You can find us on #fedora-kde channel on Freenode IRC

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