pátek 28. února 2014

Last month (February) in Red Hat KDE

Another part in the series "what's happening in the KDE world in Red Hat", enjoy :)

Network management (jgrulich, ltinkl)

  • kdebz#330454 - Upload / Download graph uses wrong color labels 
  • kdebz#331138 - bigger font size settings are not handled properly by the applet layout 
  • kdebz#331423 - No icon for wifi + openconnect vpn in plasma-nm 

KDE PIM (dvratil)

  • finished server-search and Baloo search integration 
  • implemented support for Tags 
  • fixed problems with database deadlocks 

Display managers (mbriza)

  • #1063856 - KDM won't display users list. 
    • Investigated, reassigned to the proper component 
  • #1063851 - kdm won't accept keyboard input 
  • #1055432 - KDM hangs at reboot or shutdown. 
    • Still investigating too, a race condition somewhere, attempts at fixing failed so far 

Continued development of the new Qt authentication library
  • The C++ API is slowly crystallizing to its final form 
  • Worked on exporting it to QML 
  • Writing a basic QML authentication app to test everything 
Developed a SDDM branch against QAuth (above)


  • took over libaccounts-glib and libaccounts-qt packages from jreznik and updated to latest upstream (dvratil) 
  • packaged sign-on (dvratil) 
  • #879328 - kdbg can't open any executable (ltinkl) 
  • #1068956 - KShutdown 3.2 released; fixes regressions (jgrulich) 
  • #1063378 - kde-plasma-nm base package should not require ModemManager (jgrulich) 


  • kgpg and kwin bugfixes 
  • #1070140 - kdm removal 
  • #1066078 - unable to lock Gnome when using KDM instead of GDM 
  • #1055717 - acpid fails to build on RHEL7 for non-x86 arch 
  • #1050919 - incorrect perl-expressions matching unicode symbols 
  • #1050916 - malformed output when coloring is on and grep -P has unicode input 
  • #1061697 - [RFE] Add libreswan integration to kde-plasma-networkmanagement 
  • #1005216 - ortp: hard-coded user name and password 
  • #1005261 - ortp: uses /tmp for UNIX domain socket 
  • #1005218 - ortp: missing length check in stunEncodeMessage() 
  • #1005219 - ortp: missing sign and overflow checks in buffer management functions 
  • #1061819 - KDE NM applet doesn't show to what wireless network is connected 
  • #1067111 - Adding second panel on second monitor places panel on top 


  • attended FOSDEM 
  • talked to MariaDB people about optimizing configuration for Akonadi 
  • Akademy planning meeting with the rest of the team 
  • Arranging accomodation for Akademy 
  • devconf.cz

Brought to you by: Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl) and Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

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