pondělí 10. února 2014

Last month (January) in Red Hat KDE

Straight back from the tremendous devconf.cz, here's the regular update of what's going on in Red Hat and KDE. Let's have a look how we spent the last month.

Network management (plasma-nm | libnm-qt | libmm-qt)
: jgrulich, ltinkl

plasma-nm | libnm-qt | libmm-qt

  • libnm-qt 
    • added new properties/methods from NM 
  • libmm-qt 
    • implemented (new) Oma MM interface 

#329315 - IPv6 privacy extensions should be enabled per default for new connections
#329355 - Bridge connection is active although the plasmoid icons represent it as inactive
#329342 - Network manager forgets the 802.1x settings as soon as the dialog box is closed
#329288 - Crash involving the authorization prompt
#329545 - Applet icon does not scale horizontally when embedded in a panel
#329630 - Password field always empty for the openvpn connection
#329827 - Make notifications disappear after some time

#328985 - A shared wifi network cannot be restarted after being turned off
#329580 - VPN connection asks for too many passwords
#329871 - The VPN (vpnc) connection editor dialog has no Domain field

: dvratil

  • finished rewrite of Akonadi search functionality and Baloo support 
  • removed MySQL Embedded support from Akonadi 
  • fixed BKO #330010 - Broken .desktop files parser in Akonadi 
  • fixed BKO #330215 - Crash on Akonadi shutdown when using PostgreSQL 
  • fixed BKO #324932 - Can't rename folders on some IMAP servers 

: dvratil

  • created patch for RHBZ#1036568 - RHEL6 - KWin does not move windows from a disconnected screen (backported upstream patches) 
  • fixed RHBZ#1056251 - KScreen allows to active more displays than supported by GPU (upstreamed) 

Fedora updates

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