středa 11. prosince 2013

Last month (November) in Red Hat KDE

November has been very hectic for most, let's have a look at what we've achieved

Network management (plasma-nm | libnm-qt | libmm-qt) 

: jgrulich, ltinkl

Fixed bugs:
kdebz#326274 - Newly created shared wireless network cannot be seen if disconnected once
kdebz#327160 - No warning when trying to connect to VPN withouth plasma-nm-vpnc installed
kdebz#326991 - Connection editor bug reporting refers to non-existing component
kdebz#327386 - Can't enable AP mode if there are other saved wireless networks
kdebz#327758 - Report bug freature does not work
kdebz#327759 - Edit connections dialog looks bad on high DPI screens
kdebz#328138 - Plasma widget network manager uses wrong (bold) font

Display management (sddm, kdm)

: mbriza
Change tracking bug: rhbz#998542
  • First, on November 26th on the KDE SIG meeting we decided to push the feature forward to the next Fedora release because  bugs that were discovered during pre-release stages of Fedora 20 were not fixable until the final release. I will continue to work on it to make a better substitute for KDM. 
  • again, spent a lot of time working on the authenticator, discussed it with David Edmundson, we'll work on making it a completely separate library in the future, to be used by some KDE tools, too 
  • designed a new configuration parser and definition classes 
  • some other bugfixes, minor compared to the listed ones. 

Multimedia (phonon)

: dvratil
Phonon GStreamer
  • finally tracked down and fixed a crash when closing Amarok when using phonon-gstreamer 1.0 (kdebz#320448) 
  • started investigating Amarok crash with phonon-gst (kdebz#290706) 


: dvratil
  • continued working on Akonadi IDLE (now in sort-of-works state) 
  • finished migration code in parttable-optimization branch and merged to master for 1.12 
  • fixed a regression introduced in the branch 
  • wrote proof-of-concept implementation of Akonadi-side tags 
  • started working on server-side search implementation 
  • released Akonadi 1.11.0 
  • ported Mail Filter agent to be an Akonadi Preprocessor 

Fedora general


  • Nov 11 - Nov 15: hosted a small hackfest with several KDE hackers to work on Solid, KScreen, plasma-nm, KDE Telepathy and Akonadi
  • Nov 15 - Nov 17: hosted the KDE PIM Sprint - 20 KDE PIM developers met to talk about KDE PIM and Frameworks, discuss new features, nail some nasty bugs and have fun

[1] Martin Bříza (mbriza), Jan Grulich (jgrulich), Than Ngo (than), Lukáš Tinkl (ltinkl), Dan Vrátil (dvratil)

You can find us on #fedora-kde channel on Freenode IRC

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